NCAA Changes Quarantine Policy for Football Championships

NCAA Changes Quarantine Policy for Football

The CFP has required its football teams to undergo a mandatory quarantine following a positive COVID-19 test on Dec. 4. The teams and coaches have missed the first two months of the winter sports season. At the time, the schools and athletes were poised to win back-to-back state championships. But on Dec. 5, the schools were informed that the players and coaches were being put under quarantine. The football players and coaches have since recovered from the virus, and the schools are now preparing for the winter months.

The College Football Playoff committee announced that the arrival policy has changed. Instead of having to start quarantine after a positive test, schools can now arrive in Miami as late as Dec. 29. They will be able to play in all bowl games, but they will be unable to participate in any bowl activities. Georgia is currently scheduled to arrive in Miami on Dec. 26, and is unsure of its schedule. The team is dealing with multiple players and coaches who are currently in the COVID protocol. Individuals who test positive for COVID must undergo a minimum of 10 days of quarantine before they are allowed to resume playing.


The CFP has yet to comment on the issue of playing in a bubble. Although most schools adhere to CDC quarantine guidelines, they have not addressed the issue of requiring parents and students to remain with the team during its state game. The CFP, which receives $475 million in annual funding from ESPN, has not yet commented on whether the impromptu quarantine will affect the teams’ performance. But it is worth noting that most of the teams are undergoing vaccinations and are thereby avoiding any health risk.

The changes in the arrival policies have also caused schools to arrive as late as Dec. 29 without having to travel in the winter. In addition, the NCAA cancels the fall 2020 and Division III championships, and approves the new schedule. The NCAA says that the schools will resume normal bowl activities in spring. It is still unclear when the games will begin, but a date is still in place. This is the second time that the College Football Playoff has had to cancel a game.

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The NCAA has altered the requirements for the arrival of a school. It no longer requires teams to stay in a quarantine during the winter season. Vaccinated teams can attend their home game on Dec. 25. The school can also arrive as late as the next day of the bowl season. However, it is still important to note that Georgia is still undergoing a COVID protocol. The players must wait for 10 days for their recovery from the infection.

The College Football Playoff committee has also made changes to its arrival policies. While most teams can arrive as late as Dec. 29, the playoffs are now optional. Georgia has an impromptu quarantine on the day of the state championship game. They cannot travel to other states due to the absence of a medical certificate. This means that they will have to wait until the next day, and that is not good. The season will still take place.

The CDC has changed its guidelines. While a team is not required to quarantine for a period of 10 days, it needs to be tested for COVID for seven days after testing positive. It may be difficult for a student-athlete to travel to a state championship game after being in a quarantine, but this is the best way for an athlete to remain healthy. The CDC has changed the guidelines and now requires that athletes return to play after an impromptu quarantine.

In order to be eligible for the playoffs, a team must meet certain requirements. For example, the team can no longer travel to other states if they are in a COVID-infected state. The CDC has also changed its rules for the tournament. Previously, a team must be in quarantine for at least 10 days after exposure to an infected person. Therefore, a player who is infected with the virus has to undergo a lengthy, compulsory and mandatory quarantine.

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